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We at Gritspot revolutionize the way people get fit by delivering instructor-led, group fitness classes into studios and peoples homes. We are dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their workout by receiving real-time feedback and coaching instructions that help them to improve while exercising and to build fitness habits for life.

We think big – we think rebellious – and we strongly believe that we can achieve it.

Build with Impact

We don’t want to develop another fitness app that will be unused after a few weeks. It is important to us that people understand how to exercise and how to build a habit to stay healthy and fit throughout their lives. In order to do so, we are working as closely as possible with our customer to build a product that adds real value. In February 2018 we’ll get access to our great office in Mitte, right in heart of Berlin. It will be an office/gym combination that will allow us to iterate even faster, since we can test our products at the office with real customers.

Our Culture

We care deeply about the work we do and want to create an environment that allows us continuous personal and professional growth. In order to perform our best we ask questions, are critical, suggest ways of improving processes, stay humble, admit mistakes quickly and never stop learning. Taking ownership as well as transparent communication is an important part of our daily work. Finally, of course, GRIT itself, which stands not just for our customers.

Furthermore, we endorse healthy life choices and build fitness habits that we stick to ourselves. This means that as a team, we don’t only watch our clients do fitness, but also test our product together and at the same time improve our own lifestyle. But no worries - we won’t force anyone to join our training every time, but one or two times a week in the team should be possible.

Your Benefits

You’ll get the chance to be with us right from the start. Thus, you will not only have your own stock options to share in Gritspot’s success but also make product decisions that truly have an impact on the quality of people’s life. Learning and development are close to our hearts, so we will make sure that you will be able to improve your skills within the company at any time. When we have succeeded in our mission you’ll be able to reflect on your work and say I encouraged millions of people to be fitter and healthier! Other benefits include relocation & visa assistance and a small apartment if you’re making Berlin your new home.

Presenting our old logo of Meet2Move (m2m).


Tim Dettmann, CEO and Moritz Vossenberg, CTO

Moritz and Tim have been good friends for over 7 years since they studied together at Humboldt University. Tim played badminton in the German national team for over 17 years and has been among the top 20 players in the world. With Gritspot he wants to use his experiences he got from the professional training and give everyone the possibility to get fit under similar conditions.

Moritz loves the social aspects of training and truly believes that training can be an enjoyment for everyone. In order to achieve this, he wants to build a product that has gamification and social engagement features that make training more fun. He is leading the Gritspot engineering team, drawing on his years of experience as an engineer and signal processing expert.

On the picture above Moritz and Tim are presenting the old logo of Meet2Move (m2m).