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Tuesday, December 11th09:30
Plaça de Ferran Casablancas


This 45-minute, HIIT full body workout filled with 7 cardio and strength-focused exercises in 4 rounds will burn hundreds of calories, help you build lean, strong muscle and earn our exclusive GritPoints! No matter your fitness level, if you're looking for an exciting, challenging and fun group fitness experience, the original Gritspot HIIT workout is for you!

About Your Coach, Ryan


Plaça de Ferran Casablancas

Plaça de Ferran Casablancas is located in Sant Gervasi and our workouts are held in the east section of the park. Just enter from Carrer de Torras i Pujalt and you'll see our Gritspot cargo bike and workout station just on your left, close to the children's play area.

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